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Discover your soul, discover your happiness

The soul is the purest expression of an individual and is not bound by the physical or your emotions. When your soul is nurtured, happiness reigns. It's the natural process of life and our true essence.

Are you discovering your true essence or are you living by seeded belief systems that no longer serve you ?

As a mother, singer, meditation chant teacher and coach, I always find that it so easy to get side-tracked with the daily chores of life, the famous things-to-do list and the mental chatter.  

I will often reflect and go over the essence of my true self, for my own soul searching and purpose, to put my mental "chatter" in perspective.  (Meditation Rocks)

The belief systems are strong and sometimes we need to ask our "self" before we make a decision about something...

OK , is that me talking or is it my belief system and story ?  ***Watch Out .... it sneaks up behind you and will get you going (chatter in your mind) 

So here are some Questions to ask your "self" ?
Is my own soul happy?

Am I taking the time for self?

Is this "situation" serving my highest purpose ?
Am I living my truth or are you just serving someone else's truths?  

Hmmm. Hard questions to answer right away.

Call it soul cleansing or clearing, but your soul knows the truth and eventually it will cry out that truth.
Sometimes in ways you don't really expect, or enjoy :-(

Lessons Learnt.

The greatest lesson you can learn is to live your truth. 

So, what are you doing to serve your truth? 

There are many ways to serve your truth. (reading spirituality books, daily practice of yoga, meditation or even a daily walk and asking for guidance)
You can simply ask yourself, am I really living my true purpose?   

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I wish you well on your path of re-discovering your true essence, health & wellness !  


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Until Then,





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