Concert with Deva Premal and Miten was a dream come true
5 steps to Healing with Mindfulness and Chant Meditation

Healing with Mantra, Meditation and Sound Yoga

Healing Yoga Voice Mantra Workshop with Lea Longo 


Come discover the healing tools inside of you, work up close and personal with me, & De-Stress from your daily mental chatter. 


ABOUT The Workshop:

In the Mantra Yoga Voice Workshop , we will work with the both the body and the voice with a focus on mantras, the primordial sound ( OM ) and chakra meditation.

This workshop is aimed at releasing vocal and physical tensions & explore your sound (voice) in the light of ancient sacred texts for improved health, happiness, and vitality.    (no musical experience required)

We will also cover the following :  

  • Sound Mantra, how vibration works in the body, your resonance, and how to heal with kundalini shakti
  • Breathing and Voice Projection
  • Chanting Mantras Meditation
  • Healing with Mantras
  • Body work with Kundalini Yoga 



  • 3 hour workshop
  • There will be a musical mantra / meditation session following  ( additional fee for musician)
  • Q & A afterwards 


*If you ever wanted to explore mantras, your voice ( how to project & use it effectively) and meditation at a deeper level, this is for you!


If you would like to book a workshop in your studio or venue,

please contact for FEES and Additional info


What you will Feel :

  • inner peace
  • increased focus and awareness
  • connection to your voice and body
  • happiness and joy !
  • relaxed mind and body
  • higher state of consciousness  


Need more Info? ( go here ) and scroll to the bottom of page 


To optimize time, this workshop will be given in English with a French translation when needed ***





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