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When I discovered mantras 10 years ago, I had no clue my life was gonna change . I have to admit it has not been easy at times. 

If it were not for this mantra discovery, I would have probably not been in the same mental-state today. Stress is no-doubt a No# 1 killer today and it is so easy for this evil beast to overcome our daily thoughts and inner peace that we are so entitled to live.  

Choose Inner Peace , Not Stress! 


But the Question is... HOW ?

a look at mantra, its benefits and why it is becoming another tool for meditation with music…


What is Mantra Chanting? 

Mantra chanting is the easiest way to clear the mind… When we chant, we are chanting ancient sacred texts (the mantras) in a call-response fashion. Usually there is one leader (in a group kirtan) called the kirtankar and the group repeats exactly the words, thereafter…or if you are alone at home or car, you can follow a music mp3 that guides you as well.  

This is done for a longer period of time to let the mind tune itself to the mantra…by chanting in a repetitive form, your mind has no way to wander, and it is much easier than silent meditation, therefore very good for beginners. You can then experience your voice within… 

Mantras are used in a kirtan practice. Sometimes we can chant acapella and sometimes with the accompaniment of instruments such as the harmonium, or shruti and various percussions.  There is no right or wrong way. There are no set rules for chanting. The most wonderful thing about mantra meditation is that one may chant anywhere -- at home, at work, driving in the car, in a group setting, or riding on the bus or subway. And one may chant at any time.


What will I get out of this?

Latest studies have shown that yoga and meditation increasingly help to relieve stress and several health problems like high blood pressure and emotional depression. 

For centuries, the therapeutic value of music and sound has been known. Specific sounds and music were played as a form of natural medicine. Now you can enjoy the mantras and sound healing right where you are…

In Kundalini Yoga, it is implemented as part of the practice where we not only work on the physical body with postures and kriyas, but also on the mind and internal bodies with breathing and mantra meditation. When I feel "off" I chant this mantra:


The Mantra for Well- Being and Neutrality - SA TA NA MA

(Kirtan Kriya)  REPEAT the mantra SA - TA - NA -MA  

SA TA NA MA - which is a kundalini mantra that helps to balance the left and right hemisphere soft the brain and achieve neutrality after chanting it for a * min of 11 min.  Take 3 deep breaths as you listen to the beginning where I sing an english Text I wrote for the mantra, and following the SA TA NA MA , please repeat the mantra and try for yourself. 

Try it and let me know your thoughts !  :-) 

Listen to the Full Mp3 below:


Why a "TIME OUT" is essential to relieve the evil beast - Stress! 

And the next answer to this is .... "But I have no time".  But deep inside we all know this is not true .  If we are truly FED UP with feeling stressed and limiting our inner happiness and inner peace, we will do something about it. I ask you this question , do you truly want to feel more peaceful? 

Sometimes even a 5 minute "time-out" is all you need .  When you don't know what to do, just close your eyes and breathe deep ... count for 5 seconds .  If your driving, just breathe, hold for 5 and exhale.  If you are familiar with mantra, REPEAT your mantra while deep breathing... 

You must TRY it to experience it 

For those who would like to try this ancient but "new" meditation, I suggest attending a kirtan or a kundalini yoga class where the mantras are given to you and you can hear the exact pronunciation (important) and experience the serene feeling for yourself…

For More Info on Meditation Mantra Sessions with Lea   Click HERE

© Sweet Life Music  2017~ Written by Lea Longo


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