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Finding your Truth, Your Yoga of Connection

Yoga of Connection

Flashback 15 years ago, I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in California by a close friend whose mother had just opened a Yoga Studio in Studio City. . My friend was very charming. Everything he did and said always aroused my curiosity, so I tried his mom’s yoga class. Her name was Emilia, just like my full real birth name, so we immediately connected.   Iyengar was a prefect yoga practice. as I recall it. I remember trying to be "perfect" in the postures, and trying hard to make an impression on Emilia. I was definitely a beginner. To “impress” was my goal… not the right way to go about it. However, on the positive side, that style of yoga had opened up my hips and released many body tensions.

Few years later, I tried Hatha Yoga, Hot Yoga and a few others but no real connection to self. Good physical workout but no deep connection. Perhaps I was impatient with myself. I think I probably was. I gave up on Yoga.

Deep in my heart, I yearned for a connection, a connection to self, and music was my outlet, but music was not as complete as I wanted it to be. Something was missing.

Finding Your Truth

Truth is in each and every one of us, and we hold a special place for it. Our truth is our spirit, our creativeness, our talent and service to the universe, our calling, our dharma. We all yearn a deep feeling of connection to the universe. There is always a path that we follow, in order to find it. Sometimes the path is painful, sometimes not, and often, the path can be a lesson.

Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what our truth is…but once we do, life becomes a lot more simple, and easier. Things flow. It takes time to find your truth and yoga , whatever your Yoga is, it can help ….

For some, it is as simple as just walking.  Sat Nam

The Yoga of Bhakti and Devotional Chanting Mantras

The spirit of Bhakti lies in all of us whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or any other form of spiritual practice. Bhakti means Devotion. Every ONE of us is devoted to some “thing” or better yet, I call it , the source….

Did you find yours?

Where is that space or moment where you are devoted to?

Wherever that space is, is your YOGA . That is your Yoga of Connection.

Are you willing to leave your comfort zone to find it?

What can you do ?

Maybe it is just taking a daily walk, or creating a sacred space to meditate, or play a musical instrument, or just a 5 minute - TAKE A BREAK and BREATHE DEEP.... whatever it is, it is there for you to find it ...TO FIND IT, NURTURE IT, BLESS IT.  BE YOUR YOGA

YoutubebannerLEAI was lucky enough to find mine over 10 years ago through mantra and chanting and I have been practicing ever since.  

Every year I produce the Montreal Chant Fest where the kirtan & chant community come together, celebrate life, play music and chant all day as ONE. It is a beautiful energy with beautiful souls from all walks of life, and I am so grateful for those who participate in it. That is my truth. What a blessing.  Practising and teaching Meditation with Mantras has been a joy that I share with my students and community.

As long as I followed my truth, my life had manifested everything I had imagined it to be.

Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way and let the universe move you… OM,   Lea Longo 




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CdrHailing from Montreal, Lea is among Canada’s finest." - Yoga Chicago Magazine - Debi Winston Buzil

 Cdr"Listening to Lea's voice is like being called to your favorite place and enjoying the sweetness it delivers."  Gary Goldberg - IN the SPIRIT RADIO




Peter Dove

Thanks for your post about yoga and finding your own personal connection! I think it doesn't really matter so much what particular style that you use, as long as you find something that you "vibe" with and it works for you.

I have recently just started practicing Kundalini Yoga, and i find this to be a very good practice for me. I also like that it's based on scientific principles too!

Sofia Cano

very informative post and am really very inspired. From the beginning of 2015 I am very devoted to yoga and still now achieving the results. Yoga made me a smiling girl as I was very much alone. But at the moment I'm really very satisfied to my trainers.

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