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Chanting mantras as a music meditation practice

Why I Chant Mantras - What are Mantras?

Mantras are words or sacred texts that can excite the emotions and give suggestions to the mind. Mantras affect both the one who sings them and the one who hears them.


A mantra is chanted to calm the mind.  Mantra is : MAN– Mind    

TRA – to free

The word “ mantra” comes from the Sanskrit word  “mantrana” which means advice or suggestion.  In a sense, every word we use is a mantra.  In our daily life, we use “words” to get things done or suggest to the mind the meaning behind those words.

In a Kirtan (pronounced Keertan), a Naada Yoga of Sound class, we use mantras to alter or raise our conscious mind; mantras are chanted in a repetitious fashion called – call and response.  This is done to allow our mind to tune into a meditative state, to connect with our divineness without any thought.

Mantras are a vehicle of meditation and some have said that it is much easier that silent meditation. Chanting Mantras will bring you into deep meditation where true intelligence and healing begins. By repeating specific words, your mind will enter into a different state and then it will be easier to meditate and focus on that area of your life that you want to work on. This is mindful meditation.

Why Chant?  

What a better way to de-stress and re-connect with your "self" using your most intimate tool, your VOICE ! 

Chanting is a way of liberating your thoughts and enables spiritual freedom. It enlightens you and brings joy, It is definitely a unique experience. Easier for some and for others, a little intimidating. I would suggest trying it at least once and get a taste for yourself . 


When we chant mantras in a kirtan, the leader (or kirtan wallah) leads the chant with melody and everyone repeats the chant over and over. This allows the melody to penetrate into your mind and thus,the focus is on the chant and melody bringing the mind into ecstatic state. Certain chants and melodies retain certain frequencies which help in the healing and meditative process. That’s why we Feel Good after a kirtan.

A mantra that I like to chant is :

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SWAHA – a healing mantra that liberates you from all suffering – we chant to the Tara – the mother of all victories.


Why I created a FESTIVAL of Chanting ?  ( MONTREAL CHANT FEST )

Although chanting is still quite new here in the west, it is an ancient spiritual practise from India and the benefits are astounding . If more people would get in tune with their inner peace and inner self, I believe it would make a change in their everyday life, which one of the reasons there is a Festival of chanting every year called the MONTREAL CHANT FEST.

The Montreal Chant Fest is to introduce chanting to those that do not know about this incredible practise and to bring community together. And to those who do practise chanting, it is a place of Union and Celebration.

The Montreal Chant Fest is an annual event. Futur 2016 dates to be announced soon !

Numerous Vendors to explore and Chanting all day long !

More info is on website at




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