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What’s Happening ?

The Art of Doing Nothing !

I touch base daily with some really good friends and often they ask, how are you?  I seem to find myself answering them…  I’m chillin, and you ?  Often, they think I am not working or doing much, but the opposite is so true.  I have found that when I am relaxed, my creativity soars!!! 

 So the point is when I am doing "Nothing"  or meditating , my mind instantly gets inspired with new ideas, creative projects , and new music.  This happens to me when I am RELAXED.  What a concept!?

 So the more I do Nothing, the more I get done. Funny huh?

 Anyway, that’s what the practise of mantra music has given me. I'm grateful :-)

 So here’s what brewing up in Longo’s Lounge… 


Lea Longo on Premiere of BORN TO ART on BELL MEDIA

A closer look at how I discovered the art of Chanting, the music creation process, India, and more !



I am getting REALLY Excited about co-producing not 1 but 2 Festivals next year !

 I love the spirit it brings to the community and I am so looking forward to gathering our growing Kirtan community and the alternative health community together in 2015 !  Stay tuned!

Send vendor or all inquiries to : montrealyogafest@gmail.com


Contest GiveAway – Enter to win my new CD “SONGS OF A SIREN” and a FULL year of Chant Sessions !

Why not?  I’m feeling pretty good and want to share my new music and chant sessions so I’m giving it away to 2 lucky winners .

But hurry up and enter , CONTEST ENDS NOV 30th !





1st FRIDAYS of the MONTH Kirtans continues !

I love chanting; it is my passion and my musicians and I will continue to support the kirtan community and chant every 1st Friday of the Month in different Yoga studios in Montreal and surrounding areas.  Any musicians willing to join us , let us know .


Jazz Mantra Mini-Tour Concert Series Coming up w/ Special Guest !

I just love the fusion of the mantra with jazz that I will do a mini-tour with Special Musician ( to be announced soon) I enjoy sharing this music to those who have not heard mantra yet, and I hope to reach more people . Should be a lot of fun !  Stay tuned for spring dates!  

Thats what happening in Longo's Lounge....

 Until then, stay warm


Lea xoxo    

All INFO will be posted at www.lealongo.com





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